Exploring London's Corsica Studios

In the latest issue of Eventide, Laura Snapes takes an intimate look at one of our favourite underground venues, Corsica Studios. Having faced many challenges to its existence and several changes of location Corsica is still thriving and a pivotal venue in the underground scene.

Innervisions at Royal Albert Hall

Katie Thomas reviews Innervisions atmospheric performance at the Royal Albert Hall. The rare performance by the duo was accompanied by a spectacular light show, adding to the intense experience. Read the full review in issue one.

Issue 1: London

This inaugural issue of Eventide is the product of months of dedication and devotion driven by our shared passion for underground music and the DIY culture that surrounds it. Like many of the organisations that create, support and breathe the underground nightlife celebrated in this magazine, this publication began as an idea with a dedicated team of friends who had the drive to create something for others to enjoy.

Eventide celebrates underground nightlife through articles and interviews showcasing underground nightlife, speaking to the people that run organisations that provide the backbone for the culture and explores the issues that surround it. Each issue focuses on a different European city, reporting on the resilient nightlife of the underground that is flourishing despite the plethora of challenges it faces today.